What should I wear to a job interview

Before laying ground rules, there’s something we need to set straight: Every organization is different. Some companies require their employees to wear suits and dress professionally, whereas others have a more relaxed tone. However, do not think there’s no way to find out beforehand and save yourself the embarrassment of going overly or under dressed. You just have to ask. It’ll save you a lot of time and help you ease some of the nerves. Anyway, here are some useful tips for dressing up for different types of interviews. A recent fashion trend is wearing suits made of a shiny fabric that looks like something that could coat a frying pan. Also, if you are the accessory kind of person and decide to use a watch or maybe rings or bracelets, try to keep them toned to the occasion. If you’re not an expert matching, try to wear plain color ties, and leave the Batman printed tie for parties or saving Gotham. Shoes:choose leather over suede and only use black or brown. And yes, they must match your belt.

Business casual is a great way for your future employers to test your professionalism (and good taste). The key is to balance both formal and casual looks without falling way into any of both. It’s not as hard to manage as it sounds.

You can wear casual pants or slacks and combine them with cute tops and jackets. Dresses and skirts are acceptable but must be professional looking. The best is for them to go just above the knee; slits are accepted only for the purpose of moving more freely, not for showing your legs off. Keep the cleavages for other occasions and the makeup as fresh and natural as possible. Have fun with it!

Ordinarily business casual for guys should be fairly clear. It can a pair of chinos, a blazer and a good shirt without tie. So, you basically have the chance of looking good without needing to use a full suit. You can mix blazers with different colored pants or spark things up with a cool patterned button up shirt. Now is a good time to use those suede shoes. It’s all up to you, find a style that fits you and you feel comfortable with.

This is a relatively new concept that has marked a trend thanks to the growing online market. It refers to much more casual attire that is well accepted when applying for a job in an expanding or online business.

Startup casual attire can include a nice pair of jeans (not an excuse for wearing ripped jeans), and light sweaters or button up shirts. You can play with colors and trends much more than you would with any other interview apparel. You get the chance to look and feel more relaxed and express your style.

No matter what type of interview you have to attend to, remember to always look polished and neat. Follow these simple tips and remember to print a bit of yourself to your outfits. You’ll do great.

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